Hämeenlinna Main Library renovation

Hämeenlinna Main Library closes due to renovation on 1st of September 2018.

The renovation will take approximately two years, during which time the library will be serving at Wetteri (Wetterhoffinkatu 2). 

The moving period lasts through September and October.

From Monday 3rd of September 2018 onwards, you can read newspapers and magazines, pick up reserved material, and return loans at Wetteri.

All library services will be available at Wetteri by the beginning of November and some already in September.

Newest and most popular material to Wetteri

Space at Wetteri is more limited than in our current building and as a result it will harbor the library’s newest and most popular material.

Some of the library’s collection will be moved to storage space from where it will be available through reservations that can be made free of charge either at the online library or by using our customer service.

The original building’s storage collection will not be available until the renovation is complete.

Our library cars will be relocated but apart from a minor break resulting from the relocation will serve throughout the renovation period.

Library services at two floors

At Wetteri, the library will settle into the two lowest floors, with the bottom floor harboring newspaper reading room, youth and children’s books, Avolava performance space, and the auditorium.

At the second floor, you will find adults’ fiction and non-fiction books, music material, tablets and computers for customers, DVDs, and reading spaces.

Hämeenlinna Main Library intends to be back at Lukiokatu by the end of 2020.



Friday, August 3, 2018