Books and audiobooks



Fiction and non-fiction, books and audiobooks. Mainly in Finnish, but also in English and Swedish.


Naxos Spoken Word Library

Listen to fiction and non-fiction literature online. Content is mainly in English but some German and French titles are also available.

Newspapers and magazines



Thousands of magazines and newspapers in e-versions from 120 different countries and in 60 languages. Also available outside the library.


Newspapers in Finnish and Swedish. Only available in the library.


Popular Finnish magazines availabe outside the library. 

eMagz in the library

Small collection of Finnish magazines availabe only in the library.



Naxos Music Library

A free online streaming service specialized in art music. Also in mobile app.

Rockway Music School

Learn how to sing and play instruments (only in Finnish).

Ellibs service

E-books and audiobooks of the Vanamo libraries can be found in the Ellibs.

The interface is its own, separate web service that is hosted by Ellibs Oy. Most of the materials are in Finnish, but there are also titles in English and Swedish. 

You can read e-books straight from your web browser, download them into a reader program, or use a free Ellibs mobile app.

You can use your own device to listen e-audiobooks straight from the web browser. You can also use Ellibs mobile app for listening or you can download the audiobook onto your device.

  • You can browse the collection without logging in.
  • Library card and four digit pin code are required for borrowing and reserving.
  • The material can be borrowed by only one customer at a time. You can have up to five loans and seven reservations at a time.
  • Loans are automatically returned after the loan period expires.
  • The loan cannot be renewed. You can borrow a previously borrowed item when you return it and then borrow it again.
  • Everything you borrow through the app is also accessible to you when you sign in to Ellibs in your browser. Similarly, the books you have previously borrowed via browser are at your disposal in the app.
  • Checked out e-materials do not show up in Vanamo web library loans.
  • If your library card changes, you will have to sign up for Ellibs as a new customer. Bookshelf contents (loans and reservations) will not be retained in your new user account.
  • You can search for material by using a keyword or by limiting the range of works to be displayed, such as the type of literature or topic. You can also filter the search result by language, year of publication, age group, or format.
  • Ellibs mobile app is downloaded from your device's app store (Play Store or AppStore).


Read in a browser

If you have a continuous network connection, you can read the books you borrow directly from a web browser on any device. Update your browser to the latest version. However, some e-books still require a separate reader.

  • Go to the Ellibs and sign in with your library card number and four digit pin code.
  • You can borrow the book by pressing the book cover and selecting Read online. The loan opens on the browser tab.
  • In the read view, you can change the text size, font type and the background color of the page and add bookmarks.
  • You can continue reading by signing in to the service. The browser remembers where you left off last time.
  • The e-books you borrow are available at the Ellibs in My Bookshelf tab until you return the loan or the loan period ends.

Use Ellibs app

  • Launch the app, select your library (Vanamo libraries) and sign in with your library card number and four digit pin code.
  • From the left-side menu, you can browse through the collection by categories. You can limit your search from the right-side menu. The search box opens from the magnifying glass icon.
  • Press the book cover and select Loan and the loan period.
  • The materials you borrow can be found in the Bookshelf tab
  • Collection tab contains all the library's e-materials 

Download into your device's reader program

If you want to get the book to use without a network connection, but you don't have a mobile app, get the Adobe ID, install the required reader program, and download the book file into your device.

The account is created on Adobe's website. You need a valid email address.

Creating an Adobe ID is only done once. In the future the e-books will open automatically in your reader program.

For Android and iOS devices, download the free Bluefire Reader application. You can install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software on your computer.

Once you have downloaded the reader program to your device and authorized it with your Adobe ID, you can start lending e-books from the Ellibs collection. Click on the cover page of the book and select Download.


    Listen in a browser

    • Go to the Ellibs and sign in with your library card number and four digit pin code.
    • You can limit your selection to audiobooks only: choose Audiobook (MP3) from Format drop-down menu.
    • Press the Listen button on the audiobook information page. The audiobook opens in a browser-based player. Listening to the audiobook starts with the play icon.
    • If you want to change the chapter yourself, you can do this from the drop-down menu at the top of the player or by clicking the forward icon. To move within a chapter, use the line at the top of the player. The function keys on either side of the button can move forward or backward for 30 seconds at a time.

    Listen in Ellibs app

    • Launch the app, select your library (Vanamo libraries) and sign in with your library card number and four digit pin code
    • Press the cover photo of the book and press Loan and choose the loan period
    • In the listening view, you can move forward and backward, move from one chapter to another, set the sleep timer, and change the reading speed. The application automatically remembers where you were listening last time.
    • You can also download audiobooks to an app so you can listen to them without having to connect to the Internet: go to Bookshelf taband press Download under the book cover thumbnail. Once the book is downloaded on your device, you can start listening to it by selecting Listen.


    PressReader service offers you top newspapers and magazines from more than 120 countries in 60 languages.

    There are a number of ways you can access PressReader through your library. The library is the subscriber and provides PressReader as a service to patrons.

    1. Access via library HotSpot (onsite)

    Connect your personal device (computer, tablet, or mobile) to the library’s wifi network (KirjastoAsiakas) or use library's computer and open www.pressreader.com.

    2. Access via login through library’s website (offsite)

    Outside the library use this link https://www.vanamokirjastot.fi/pressreader and sign in with your Vanamo libraries library card number and four digit pin code. After successful login choose the PressReader link on opening page. 

    Successful login will be indicated by welcome message. The timer on the welcome message indicates the amount of extended access applied. You can use PressReader up three days with one log in.  Screenshot from the Pressreader log in view.

    When you are logged on there is a green coffee cup located at the top left corner of PressReader platform.

    Screenshot from succesful logged in view.

    Once the timer runs out, reconnect your device and sign in again. 

    3. Download PressReader app on your personal device

    Connect your personal device (tablet or mobile) to the library’s wifi network (KirjastoAsiakas). Download the free PressReader app from your device's app store. Remember to update the application and always use the newest version. 

    PressReader will recognize that you are a library patron. Using library's wifi network, you can download newspaper and magazine issues to your device and read them outside the library. For the next 72 hours you can download new issues outside the library. Downloaded issues can also be read offline. 

    You can use PressReader mobile app outside the library by creating a user account.

    • Use library's computer or your own device connected to library's wifi network. Go to www.pressreader.com
    • Choose Sign in and then Sign up now.
    • Stay signed in, open your PressReader app and sign in with your account credentials.
    • Once the timer runs out, go to www.pressreader.com and sign in again. 

    Naxos - music, audiobooks

    Naxos music services

    With Naxos Music Library  you can listen to classical and world music.

    To use the services, you need the library card of the Hämeenlinna city library. In the login field, enter the number of your library card (above the barcode) and click the Login button.

    After signing up, a range of new titles opens. The menus include music directories, performers and composers, ready-to-play playlists and various additional material. With keyword search you can look for a work, composer or artist.

    Recordings cannot be recorded. Listening time is not limited, but the number of simultaneous users is limited to 2. Services are browser-based available to PC and Mac OS X devices. 

    Naxos mobile apps

    First sign in to the service through a web browser and create your own account.

    • Open the page: hameenlinna.naxosmusiclibrary.com 
    • Sign in with your library card number under Enter your Library Card Number (NLM) or Enter passcode (NMLW)
    • Go to playlists from the Playlists link
    • Press Sign up and create your own Playlist Account
    • Fill out the registration form, accept the terms and conditions and press Register new Account Now
    • You will receive a confirmation message in your email. Sign in to your email and click the link in the message.

    Download NML (Naxos Music Library) to your mobile device

    • Go to the App Store or Play store on your mobile device.
    • Find the app and install it on your device.
    • Sign in with your email address and Naxos password.
    • The service can also be used offline.

    Naxos Spoken Word Library

    Naxos Spoken Word Library features fiction and non-fiction literature.

    Content is mainly in English but some German and French titles are also available. Some works also include text.

    To use the service, you need the library card of the Hämeenlinna city library.

    Browse works by author, reader, language or publisher. You can search by subject, title, author, reader or ISBN. In advanced search, you can also search by genre.

    • Log in to the service with the library card of Hämeenlinna city library. In the Enter Passcode field, enter the number of your library card (above the barcode) and click the Go button.
    • When you finish, be sure to log out of the Log out button.
    • Naxos Spoken Word Library can have 2 simultaneous users.

    Rockway - remote music courses

    Rockway is a Finnish online service that provides remote courses for music. The service is available only in Finnish. 

    Log in to the Rockway library with your library card number. The first time you log in, you will be asked to fill in your contact information and create a password.

    Feedback and questions

    You can send feedback from service by using library's feedback form.

    Free e-books available online

    Free e-books in Ellibs
    Free e-books available in the Ellibs service.

    Project Gutenberg
    Over 57 000 copyright-free e-books available in dozens of different languages.