New online library is open

New Vanamo online library has many desirable features.

Customers of Vanamo libraries can now use the new Vanamo online library at

Log in with the Vanamo library card number and the four-digit PIN code.

When you log in to the online library, all your loans, reservations, and fines will automatically appear in your user account.

The old online library at will be open until the summer 2022.

What's new?

The new online library offers many desirable features to customers.

It is now possible to search for new items in collection much more accurately than before. For example, you can search for books added to library catalog in the last month.

You can also save your searches and set an alert for your saved searches to notify you by email whenever new material matching your search is added.

The search functionalities of the new online library are more comprehensive and user friendly.

It's easy to compile favorite lists and share them on social media, for example.

In case you think that your reservation will arrive at a time when you can't pick it up, you can freeze it in the online library.

You can change your contact information and message preferences (notifications for reserved material waiting pickup, approaching due date, and overdue loans) in the online library user account.

Multiple library cards can be linked to your online library account. This allows you to manage all of these cards and, for example, renew all their loans with one login. You can also use this to supervise the due dates of your children's loans via your account.

Good to know

If you make a lot of reservations, you may want to set a default pick-up location for your reservations.

Information about the default pick-up location for reservations will not be transferred from the old online library. Log in to and choose Profile tab in your user account. When you make a reservation, the system will automatically provide this library as a pick-up location.

If you have made your own lists in the old online library (, they cannot be transferred to the new online library automatically.

A new PIN code cannot be ordered through the new online library. If you have forgotten your PIN or do not have one, visit the library.

What is Finna?

The Finna platform is provided by the National Library of Finland and over 90% of Finnish public libraries already use it.

If you have any questions or comments about the new Vanamo-Finna online library, don't hesitate to send us feedback. 


Thursday, March 24, 2022