Using the library

Library card and PIN code

You may obtain library card by presenting a photo ID at the service desk and agreeing to follow our user regulations.

Obtaining the library card is not dependent on place of residence. Same card is valid in Hämeenlinna, Hattula, and Janakkala.

Persons under 15 years of age require a written consent from a guardian. Guardian is responsible for material borrowed with the card of the minor.

First library card is provided free of charge. Other fees can be found under the heading Fees and Fines

Library card is personal.

You are responsible for all the material borrowed with a mislaid card until you report it as missing to the library.

PIN code is required for using library's online services, self-check units, the Open library (in Hämeenlinnan main library), and for borrowing e-books and e-audiobooks.

You can receive PIN code by visiting the library's service desk personally and presenting a photo ID. 

You can also request new PIN code via online library:

  • choose Log in > New PIN code?
  • choose how you wish to receive the new PIN: via email or SMS
  • enter your library card number and your email address or phone number. The email/phone number you enter must be the same as the one saved in your account.
  • choose Send. You will receive the new PIN shortly

Electronic library card

In Hämeenlinna libraries and mobile libraries Bella and Urho it is also possible to use an electronic library card.

The electronic library card can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices.

Go to with your device's browser.

Android devices

  • scroll down the page and select Asenna kaupunki taskussa link 
  • select Asenna (Install)

iOS devices

  • press the Jaa (Share) button on your browser 

Taskussa icon is automatically installed on your device's desktop.

Select the icon and open the application menu. Select Library Card. Enter your library card number and four-digit PIN code.

Lending periods and renewing loans

Lending periods are 7, 14, or 28 days. Mobile library and the home library service may follow their own schedule when setting lending periods.

Only persons whose age complies with the age recommendations on videos and games will be allowed to borrow them.

You can renew your loan up to 8 times. Renewing can be done through the online library, by visiting the library, via telephone or email.

A loan may not be renewed if

  • it has been reserved
  • loan has already been renewed 8 times
  • customer's debt to the library exceeds €20
  • customer's borrowing privileges have been suspended

Returning loans

Material can be returned at any of our libraries or mobile libraries regardless of where it has been borrowed from.

Renew your loans in time or return the material you have borrowed by the due date during opening hours of the library. Returns made to the book drops will be registered as checked in only during the next day the library is open.

Library can send a reminder into your email 3 days before your loans have reached the due date.

If you wish to receive this reminder, contact the library. The library is not liable for reminders not reaching the customer. The customer is responsible for returning or renewing their loans even in the case of not receiving the reminder.

If necessary, two reminders requesting return of overdue material will be sent. A fee will be charged for the reminders.

If customer fails to return the material even after having been notified, the matter will be forwarded to debt collection.

First reminder will be sent 2 weeks after the due date. Exception is made for material that is reserved, for which the reminder will be sent 1 day after the due date.

Second reminder will be sent 2 weeks after the first reminder. Notify the library whether you want the first reminder to be delivered through mail or email.

Overdue fees

A fee will be collected for overdue material. The fee starts accumulating immediately after the due date.

Overdue loans accumulate the customer's debt even when the actual amount has not yet entered the customer register.

Unpaid fees will be registered as debt, and fees exceeding the 20€ threshold will prevent further borrowing, renewing, and reserving.

Overdue charges will be registered even if you return the material through a self-check unit or into a book drop. Overdue fee will not be charged from children's material.

After a bill or debt collection invoice has been sent, the customer's borrowing privileges become suspended. Overdue fees may be paid to any of our libraries.

See under Fees and Fines

Reserving material

Normal reservation targets library collections of the municipality you have chosen as the point of pick up and may be made free of charge.

Reservation can be retrieved from the library you have chosen as the point of pick up. You may also reserve material that is not currently loaned out.

Regional reservation targets all Vanamo-library collections (Hattula, Hämeenlinna, Janakkala) and carries a fee of 2,50€.

You may choose as a pick up point any library in the Vanamo-library area, and the material you have reserved will be delivered there.

A reservation may also be made through the online library (see video instructions), via telephone, or by visiting a library's service desk in person.

You can choose to be notified concerning reserved material waiting for pick up through email, text message, or letter. Material will be kept reserved for 7 days.

Fees and fines

Overdue charges

  • Material for adults: 0,10€/loan/day with max. 6€/loan
  • No overdue charges will be collected for youth and children's material
  • Customer's borrowing privileges will be suspended if their overdue charges amount to 20€ or more
  • Bill sent by Janakkala library 7€


Two reminders will be sent concerning return of overdue material, after which a bill will be issued or the matter assigned to debt collection.

First reminder will be sent 14 days from the due date, except in the case of reserved material where the notification is sent 1 day from the due date.

Billed material or material assigned to debt collection results in suspension of borrowing privileges.

  • Reminder fee 1€

Service fees

  • Reservations targeting library collections in Hämeenlinna, Hattula, or Janakkala can be done free of charge
  • Regional reservation targeting collection that is outside your own municipality: 2,5€/reservation
  • Regional reservation fee will also be charged on material left uncollected


Replacement for a mislaid or broken card:

  • adults 4€
  • children 2€
  • Open library card for Nummi or Hauho 6€

The first library card is provided free of charge.

Fee for a broken case is 2€/unit.

A fee of the amount determined by the library will be collected from damaged or mislaid material.

Interlibrary loans

  • Hattula: 6€/loan + fee of the sending library. Hämeenlinna: 8€/loan from a Finnish library, Janakkala: at least 6€/loan or fee of the sending library
  • Sending library will determine the fee collected from copies
  • Hämeenlinna: interlibrary loan from Nordic countries 10€/loan
  • Hämeenlinna: interlibrary loan from other foreign countries ca. 30€/loan
  • Hämeenlinna: sent interlibrary loan (to other libraries) 10€/loan

Other fees and prices

  • Black and white copy/print A4: 0,50€/unit
  • Black and white copy/print A3: Hattula and Hämeenlinna 0,50€/unit, Janakkala 1€/unit
  • Color copy/print A4: 1€/unit
  • Color copy/print A3: Hattula and Hämeenlinna 1€/unit, Janakkala 2€/unit
  • Plastic bag: Hämeenlinna 0,20€/unit
  • Scanning: Janakkala 1€/unit, elsewhere free of charge
  • CD- and DVD-discs: Hämeenlinna 2€/unit
  • Memory stick: Hämeenlinna 10€/unit
  • Cloth bag: Hämeenlinna 5€/unit
  • T-shirt: Hämeenlinna 10€/unit, children's 6€/unit
  • Book jewelry: Hämeenlinna 12€/unit
  • Book jewelry set: Hämeenlinna 20€/unit

Prices include a 24 % value added tax.

User regulations

Register description

You can fill in and print out a library card application in advance