Computers in Hämeenlinna's libraries

All Hämeenlinna's libraries have computers intended for customer use. All the libraries' e-subscriptions and other databases are available through the computers. You may not reserve computers in advance. All our libraries carry a scanner and a color printer.

Computers in the main library

Computers with Windows operating system are located on the second floor. All the computers have Internet access, Office software and printing capabilities.

Using the computers does not require logging on with a password.

All the user's files are erased upon log out, so you should make sure you have downloaded any data you want to preserve to an external memory device.

Chrome computers

All Hämeenlinna libraries have computers using Google's Chrome operating system, which provides an easy way to access internet services.

You can use Chrome internet browser, create or modify documents, access cloud services, use usb-memory stick, print, watch, and listen.

If you have a personal Google or Microsoft account, you can log on to and use their services.

For example, with Microsoft account you can create, save, and modify Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. When you stop using the computer, do not forget to log out.

See detailed instructions for using the Chrome computers.



The main library and Nummi library offer Hublet-tablets, which customers can borrow by using their library card and PIN-number. 

  • You can borrow a tablet by showing your library card's barcode to the borrowing station's scanner and entering your PIN-number.
  • The tablet can be used for two hours to, for example, read the library's e-material or browse the internet.
  • Return the tablet to the recharging station. When you do so, all user-specific information will automatically get deleted.
  • The tablet can only work through the library's online network, thus rendering it inoperable outside the library's premises.


iPads can be borrowed from the branch libraries' service desks. The customer must have a valid library card. iPads cannot be borrowed for home use. You can use the tablet, for example, to read the library's e-magazines, browse the internet, or play games.

Wireless network

Wireless local area network (WLAN) is available for use in all our libraries.

The library's network KirjastoAsiakas is open and visible so you can find it by browsing through the available wireless connections. Printing through libraries' printers is, however, not possible.

The connection is not encrypted so you should remember to take care of your data security and use a firewall along with antivirus software. The library is not liable for any problems caused by using the wireless network.

Editing space

In the main library's editing space the customers can independently

  • convert LPs, cassettes, and VHS videos into digital format
  • edit pictures, sound, and music
  • scan and print paper pictures and slides
  • burn files on CD and DVD disks

More information on the editing space (in Finnish)